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How I became an escort in Queens NY

It is 5 am and I have just finished a client call. I work as an escort. Still feel drunk and rather wired by the events from the night before. So five years ago I was happily married to the love of my life and mother to two children both under the age of seven. Looking back now, it was all such a dreamy fairy tale. Then I became a single mother. My life changed and a new nightmarish chapter began.  My husband cheated on me and divorced me for his mistress. He left me with crippling debts, including huge credit card bills which he had accrued by staying in luxury hotels with his lover for dirty weekends. Left heartbroken, stressed and devastated, I felt completely lost and needed money fast.

Worried how I was going to pay the mortgage, the bills, the debts and so many other things. My ex was not paying any child maintenance or seeing the children and I had no support as I had not spoken to anyone in my family for a long time.

I found lots of really useful websites and Queens massage parlors where they needed female escorts. I worried that I may end up becoming homeless soon if I could not keep up with the mortgage and I had no job to earn any money. 

I did a lot of research into different sites and got an understanding of what the work involved. Looked at rates, the safety of Queens call girls, client bases and some other factors. There were many sites which offered services and I would need to make a profile with photos then send them onto the site.

Being in a big city there were many Queens escort agency girls, and some were really high end which guaranteed safe working environments and high pay rates for their call girls. I did not want to send photos and my profile to many agencies so I thought it would be best to do some careful research and find the best one. I needed some help too with this new unknown world.

My best friend Sarah was that person. We had been friends for years, always supported one another and were very close. If I was going to do this I knew my children would be safe being looked after her whilst I was at 'work'. Knowing they were safe would mean I could do my part and earn money to provide for us.

After speaking with Sarah, her initial reaction was to be a bit doubtful and worried but after researching all the sites we came across some which looked safe and classy she said she would support me. We decided to work on creating some photos and a profile. This was really fun and supplied with lots of wine, sexy lingerie and a camera, sometime later, my profile was ready! I was about to start my life as a Queens call girl.

I sent my newly created profile to one Queens escort agency, which was my first choice to see what would happen. I waited anxiously although I was excited too. Thinking of dressing up, going out to meet men, have intimate interactions and being paid a lot of money. I felt excited about what to wear on my first call and I could not wait to begin.

Very soon the agency contacted me to say they were interested in me and after registering my sexy, serious, glamorous, exciting adventures began…

What’s the difference between a massage girl in Queens and a female call girl? Traditionally a Queens call girl in NY will visit you in your home or hotel, whereas a massage girl will work from an apartment. The difference is slight as both escort and massage will usually offer some form of sexual service. Check the profile page of your preference to ascertain the services that are on offer. Then simply call your preferred female escort to make a booking.

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Do escorts in Queens NY enjoy their job? Most escorts who have answered this question have all agreed that working as a sex worker, call girl, escort is something that they enjoy. Stating that they like sex, they like the freedom that they have in choosing when and where they work, meeting lots of different people, some of whom become friends. All in all the general consensus of opinion is that escorts do enjoy their work.

Where can I meet a genuine Arabic escort? There are Muslim escorts in Queens who will pay-date clients. Finding genuine Arabic escorts is difficult, many girls on webcam site purport to be Arabic but with closer inspection, one can clearly see that they are masquerading as Muslim girls for financial gain. When you find a genuine Arabic escort you can be sure that you have found a real gem. Having said that, more and more Arabic escorts in Queens are becoming more available. Arabic girls have started to realize that their sultry Middle Eastern charm and alluring dark eyes have captivated a lot of western punters.

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