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Daydream, 32


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Currently have no phone service until I pay bill at att for $188. Im using text now. Thank you for reading this. Now here is services I offer that i moraly have no issue doing and enjoy.

I have a special content package. 20 videos 100 photos and 15 min video chat for $75
Also have another content package that comes with 30 videos, 20 min video chat and 150 photos for $100
Videos 15 to 20 min long

4 for $40 8 for $60, 12 for $80 16 for $100, and 20 for $120

I can send videos to your email or text you link to my Google drive.

I have creampie, anal, threesome , squirter blowjob, hardcore sex, twerking, masterbation, and pole dancing.

Cashapp, zelle, vemno, and Google pay

I do deep tissue massages. I have brand new massage table. 100 per session. Tips are appreciated.

I'm am available for hire for all events and parties. I spin fire and pole dance. I come with my own portable pole. I'm a woman of all trades I'm also available for hire for house cleaning, interior construction, exterior painting, yard work and vehicle detailing.

I have hand made dream catchers for sale. And painted art on canvas.

I love to write paint and draw. Heres a piece of my brain

The key to what I want to be is hidden inside of me. Burried in the stress, spite,and pride that reside in me. Focused to much on the selfish standards of this sick society, that keeps raising my anxiety. So much variety of struggles I face. Go at the right pace til I make a mistake then all I've worked hard for just falls to waste. Failure follows as I fall from from grace. Circle back and stall getting stuck in the same damn place I was pushing to get past. Get ahead a mile then fall ten miles back. Finding it's hard to face the fact that i chose this path.

This kingdom came for the ones who gain from the ones in chains. Place pleasure in pain of the poor. Monopilize much moving up getting more and more. Sweeping the others left stuck on the floor. Erasing all who can't endure. Chasing confidence away from all insecure. Call it survival of the fittest, but I call it denial from the richest. Create a world where anyone they want can be aquitted even if another did it. I will not accept so many who are gifted and deserve some gain, to have the brilliance washed out there brain. Diligence and resilience can not be contained. We the people will burn the billions made by few burn in flames of friction they forced upon many men who made a good name. Giving back to the cummunitys slain. Revolutionary revolts to be remembered are soon to come. The plan to control man will in the end be done. This world isn't just for some. It shouldn't be controlled by the biggest force who endorse with guns. It should create a source that will set the right course for our young. My words will live forever from the stand that will come. Money cannot buy the work good men have done. It cannot buy the building minds of the young. We will stand and demand true freedom and fight untill the battle is won.

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