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Racheal Reighns, 26


A little bit about me

My prices are firm and definitely worth it(200hh 300hr)... if you don’t agree with that last statement, you are free to not contact me and search for another provider that is more in your price range.

I’m really the girl in the pictures...if I was trying to ‘cat fish’ anyone, I’d have picked somebody way hotter to impersonate....still skeptical? Subscribe to my onlyfans page. (). It has multiple nude and semi nude pictures of me in different poses, outfits, scenarios etc...
So now that my physical appearance has been verified , what about the other things? Like ‘What if she is planning to rob me?’ Well, luckily enough, there are review websites where you can read about other clients experiences with me and base your decision on whether or not to book an appointment on that!!

You can do the research yourself. I BELIEVE IN YOU

I understand that it can be scary to book appointments with providers that you haven’t met before. There is a lot of crazy out there that you want to avoid BUT I DONT HAVE THE TIME to hold your hand and reassure you that I’m legit. There are tools at your disposal available online (that I’ve mentioned) that do not involve bothering me in any capacity !!!!

I’m not saying ‘don’t bother me at all” because if you are interested in an appointment, BY ALL MEANS, BOTHER ME!! but only if YOU are legit! My time is just as valuable as yours. If you say that you want an appointment at X time/day then ghost me... that’s just shitty and rude of you. I will save your number first before blocking it. That way, even if I get a new phone, I’ll still know not to entertain your BS again!!

If you contact me and ask me all kind of explicit questions about what will happen during an appointment.... your either a cop or very dumb . Nice try officer, BLOCKED!!!

All of the things that I’ve mentioned above have happened so much, that instead of writing some cute and flirty bio full of mystery and innuendo, I’ve chosen to just make a rant instead. You want to become a client of mine? Then don’t do anything that mentioned in the rant.
Do the Research yourself- I’m not going to jump thru any hoops to verify that IM REAL
Keep the appointment you make!
Be respectful when contacting me!

please do not contact me via my onyfans page to book appointments!! It is against their terms of service and can jeopardize my account, if I were to answer them!

Only available after 5 PM on most days, Friday and Sunday being the exception, I am available all day on those days

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Age 26

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